Friday, May 9, 2008

THE Poem I wrote for Convention..I was suprised i got #1st place..:)

Life can be easy,life can be tough
But never say you've had enough
It can be tricky it can be fun
But live every day one by one
Never give up that's not the way to go
One day when you reach the end
God will take your hand and lead you in
To His promise Land.So stay truthful
And do what you do but, always remember
God has a plan for you.


jessiegurl79 said...

that's an awsome poem Ruth!! God bless. Love ya!

Vrennily said...

That's beautfil rufus.. I love you kid!!

*RUFUS* said...

aww thankss!!<3 love ya both 2!!

*RUFUS* said...
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Johnny King said...

And don't you ever forget it!

*RUFUS* said...

i wont :)

Anonymous said...

Thats awesome Ruth!!

*RUFUS* said...

Thanks Ange <3